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Coordinated Bamboo Daywear

Effortless style that looks great on everyone in your crew

We’re officially kicking
dressing butts & taking names

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Helping families get dressed and out the door with more ease & fun

Parenting and raising kids is no joke. Sometimes just getting out the door feels like a lot. 

That’s why we created CoordCrew. 

We make getting dressed less stressful, so you can get out the door faster to make more memories.

You'll love the inclusively-designed pieces from our coordinated collections. Plus, everything is made from soft, sustainable bamboo so clothes last longer.  

So you can look a little more put together and have a lot more fun (without trying too hard).

Shop favorites for the whole family

Why bamboo? Why daywear? Why CoordCrew?WTF not?

Why bamboo?
Because it’s good for people & the planet
  • Bamboo is more sustainable than cotton and petroleum-produced synthetics.
  • It uses less water and zero pesticides, which means it’s gentler and safer on sensitive skin.
  • Bamboo is stretchier and longer-wearing than other fabrics, so it lasts through multiple growth spurts AND multiple kids.
Why daywear?
Because we need more than just sleepwear
  • There are many great bamboo clothing companies - but most only make sleepwear or babywear.
  • Everyone deserves the comfort and coziness of bamboo in modern designs, so you won’t look like you just rolled out of bed (even on the days when you did just roll out of bed -- hey, get those extra zzzs in when you can!)
Why CoordCrew?
Because we’re a family, just like you!
  • We know it’s tough to pull together a great look and get out the door. 
  • Our Coordinated Collections make it easy to mix n’ match outfits so it’s one less thing to think about. Plus the inclusive modern designs look great on all body types.
  • 100% family-founded & made with love in California and available everywhere…in the U.S. (International friends, stay tuned!) 

The Bamboo Love is Real

Finally! Cute AND modern daywear!

I get so sick of the primary colors and juvenile designs you find in the big box stores.I love CoordCrew’s fun and fashionable styles. And thank you for putting together the collections so I don’t have to think about what to wear or how to create a fun look for the whole fam.

- Kim, Mom of 2

Looking good without trying too hard

“I love my little buddy, and I want to have fun when we go out! It’s way too hard to find clothes that look good together without looking too match-y. CoordCrew’s daywear is perfect. It’s soft, comfortable and looks good without being over the top.”

- Sammy, Dad of 1

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